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is the Pacifist

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The Pacifist

Congratulations, Your primary story type is The Pacifist.

I love this storytype because there is such an air of I dont care with the pacifist, but not in the negative way that you might think.

Your brain believes that money is something to avoid at all costs and as a result of this, you avoid making money decisions where possible and feel safer to allow somebody else to do that for you.

This is likely because your primary belief is that money is a necessary evil and this coujld have been created based on experiences of perceptions of what monet really means.

In order to avoid any conflict with others people around money, you pay as little attention to money as possible because you are not driven by material goods or possessions, but instead by your passion for living life, connecting with others, and enjoying every moment.

You’re really not driven by material goods or possessions and You have such a passion for living life.

You have a deep desire to leave the world a better place and can often be very creative.

Your Score Breakdown

The Impulsive

A spontaneous spender or decision maker who makes most financial decisions based on feelings of impulse and is comfortable taking risks by living in the present moment.

The Enabler

A supporter who views money as a tool to help others and do good in the world, focusing on serving others above all else resulting in over giving patterns.

The Architect

A natural planner who enjoys gathering all of the information necessary to make calculated financial decisions by seeks safety by focusing primarily on the future.

The Pacifist

A person who prefers not to get into the finer details of finances and prefers to pass the responsibility of decision making to others and instead prefers to focus on living in the present moment.

The Innovator

A person who has a future-focused mindset who believes that there will always be opportunities to make more money, dislikes the finer details of budgeting and numbers by instead directing their attention and energy on the opportunities that money provides.

Your current narrative:

‘I am not worried about money as something will come up, it always does.’

Your NEW narrative:

‘It is safe for me to take responsibility with money.’

Next Step

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