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is the Impulsive

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The Impulsive

Congratulations, Your primary story type is The Impulsive. This was me throughout my 20’s so I really resonate with this one myself.

You may be feeling initially a little worried about your result. Especially for this storytype as there can be a lot of shame associated with being impulsive when we live in a world where everyone tells you to save save save and your natural response is to enjoy money.

Remember that your relationship with money is often a mirror reflection of the way we feel about ourselves. Therefore if you have any element of self doubt, which lets face it, I think we all do…when you don’t feel good enough, you don’t feel like you ever have enough.

When money comes to you, you often find yourself feeling that it must be spent and that anything planned ahead feels like the last thing you are likely to want to do.

In fact, the belief is so strong that perhaps you spend money before it even reaches you.

Your conscious logical mind tells you that you are powerless to control your spending and perhaps some feelings of shame come up for past financial decisions.

Despite this impulsive relationship with money, you are such an action taker. In life, not just with money.

You’re super-reactive to opportunities and can make swift, fast decisions.

You truly value enjoyment, both your own and for others.

You have an intoxicating energy and Short bursts of adrenaline make you feel alive.

Often from our research with the impulsive storytype,, you can often love to research big purchases. You often love using discount codes and can find real bargains!

You can sometimes buy things for the fear of missing out and experience financial regrets.

Your Score Breakdown

The Impulsive

A spontaneous spender or decision maker who makes most financial decisions based on feelings of impulse and is comfortable taking risks by living in the present moment.

The Enabler

A supporter who views money as a tool to help others and do good in the world, focusing on serving others above all else resulting in over giving patterns.

The Architect

A natural planner who enjoys gathering all of the information necessary to make calculated financial decisions by seeks safety by focusing primarily on the future.

The Pacifist

A person who prefers not to get into the finer details of finances and prefers to pass the responsibility of decision making to others and instead prefers to focus on living in the present moment.

The Innovator

A person who has a future-focused mindset who believes that there will always be opportunities to make more money, dislikes the finer details of budgeting and numbers by instead directing their attention and energy on the opportunities that money provides.

Your current narrative:

‘I am out of control with money.’

Your NEW narrative:

‘‘It is safe for me to save and spend.’

Next Step

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